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Don't forget to sign up for the mailing list so you don't miss the  great sales, contests, news, FREEBIES!! and, the chance to win one of the prizes from our Annual Christmas Raffle!!!   Victorian ornament for your tree?  Raffle tickets go on sale NOW at $5.00 each.  There will be 3 prizes this year.  They are very AWESOME!  Please, buy lots of tickets as every cent goes to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, a horrid disease that is striking as young as 14 years of age.  Our oldest daughter is a victim of MS, and it rips my heart out!!!  We have our own Fine Artist on staff!  We have been so blessed this year and she even will do commissoned paintings for you, too!  She has had many paintings on display in many of the finest galleries, as well as many shows where paintings and prints may be purchased on the spot. She ask me to go to her website and choose which prints that would be apropriate for our Victorian theme!  She is really an excellent artist, and an excelent friend
I have one more "specially made" Christmas decor item that I just have to bring to the fore ground. My dear mother has always been so very talented in floral arranging so she created for you all some magnificent wreaths and, I really mean magnificent.!!  They are 24" in diameter with bows that have 10 yds. of ribbon!  One has a Special Edition ornament from Germany hanging from it.  I will have those up tommorrow,  the catch... THERE ARE ONLY  9 WREATHS!! 
Good luck!!  One of them is a bit contemporary that you could use year 'round.  Check "The Christmas Shoppe." WOW, things are sure busy this year.  Where did those elves run to??  Enjoy your trip through our site, then have the best Christmas ever!  God Bless you, every one!

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Elizabeth's Victorian
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Welcome to our shoppe that we love to fill with many wonderful things that present a timelessness that only the Victorian Era could produce.  We spend all year hunting for only the best we can either buy or create with our own hands. We love to share with you what we love to do! Enjoy looking through our website maybe you might find a piece of the past to share with those you love for Christmas.  We consider this to be a most blessed season as we were given the most  Glorious Gift of all!
Along with a large selection of Victoriana for Christmas, we carry many other items for other holidays, gifts to give others, or plenty to  just adorn your own home. Our Christmas items remain for sale all year long.  We also have sales and new items so collectors don't have to wait so long for their treasures.
We have many new items lined up for the Christmas debut!  We are also working  quickly to get Ecommerce set up so you  may use your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover cards so you don't have to mail a check.  If you look to your left where the links are typed in Green, you may notice we have added several new links for even more goodies! We have some really cute scrapbook kits that have everything you need to put together 6 - 12 pages,  as well as individual papers, stickers, Clearly yours, Grand Adhesions, Scrapbooks and much, much more!  I invested in a wonderful sewing machine and embroidering machine that you can send in towels, top sheets, or whatever and they can all be monogrammed or embroidered.  Having fun yet?  i  know al the secrets, hee, hee, hee.  The last section is VERY IMPORTANT! Please read this very carefully, so as not to cause confusion.  Before I get into all of that I must tell you all about the most magnificent ornaments I have ever seen.

Elizabeth's Victorian Garden, LLC
9897 E. Northlea
Claremore, OK 74017
Hours:  Mon. - Fri.  10:00 - 9:00
Sat. - 1:00 - 9:00
PH: 1-866-550-2317 (Toll Free)
Call for ANY reason!!!!
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Someone will be VERY blessed to win one of these High-End Inge-Glas ornaments, let alone a sweet Teddy Bear, a lovely Christmas Tree, and the most adorable stocking I have seen!  The lid has a sweet verse, made of wood, as well as the box, along with a card on taking care of these precious blessings.  GOOD LUCK!!
Isn't it so lovely!
Yes, this Grand Prize is a HUGE Victorian Doll House!  It does need help when someone wins it  because they bought at least one ticket.  It also comes with more things than you can put in all 9 rooms!!   Oh, the help I mentioned  is, it needs to be built, painted inside and out or Hobby Lobby has a lot ot Doll House godies, including: wallpaper, rugs with markers, people with lovely Victorian clothing (which is not included in this prize).  This house and contents are high-end collectible ages 12 and above.  Not to mean a younger child that respects collectibles should be banned.  Pix ot inside at bottom.  Good Luck!!
A Grand Painted Lady!
17"Deep x 32"Wide x 40"Tall.  3 story stairway  The winner will be so very thrilled!  I don't have room on this page to show everything that we got to add to cram in this huge mansion! 
Well, what do my best patrons and potential newbies think about these lovely prizes? Here is the way it will go:  I would really love to be able to send the MS Foundation $1,000.  So, come on my old and new patrons.  Tell friends and family about our Raffle. You canot win if you do not buy a ticket! Remember, every cent goes to MS!  You have my word!  Elizabeth's Victorian Garden will absorb the cost ot the prizes. Thank you so much, and have a wondertul Christmas Season!
God Bles You, wreath
Oh MY!  Another mouth/hand blown ornament from Inge-Glas! This Colbalt Blue Peacock has his own real feathers in his tail.  His colors are weird looking as my camera light bounced around as his back is encrusted with gobs, well several Swarovski Crystals in many colors, set in prongs!  Yup, this "jewelry" is a collectible like those in 2nd Place.  It is so gorgeous in person!  GOOD LUCK!
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These unique ornaments are made in a small town in Germany by the Mueller-Blech family begining around 1860, which would be about 3 years pre-Victoria Queen of England.  Each ornament is blown by a Master of the art and after cooled and silver is coating the inside they are each hand painted one at a time with loving care.  We feel very honored and blessed to have been chosen to offer you such exquisite ornaments from INGE-GLAS!  Because there are so many of these beauties, we were unable to order large quantities of each so, if you see one you must have don't wait too long or they will be gone.  I must say, as I feel so much joy in my heart at this time.  I feel very strongly that it is surely going to be a GREAT year for our patrons,(YOU)!!

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HURRY!  Last day to buy Raffle tickets is Thursday, December 20, 2014 - Winners posted 21st

We have many things on SALE just for this week! In the spirit of Christmas, Cyber Week will now begin!  Check back often as we are still lowering prices & adding new Beauties!
DEC. 1 - DEC. 8